The beautiful, majestic LOTO eagle family!

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lostmarbles: ;) HAPPY B'DAY SUE! Feb 2, 2013 20:57:40 GMT -6
thumper59: I think i might like the new forum setup Feb 3, 2013 4:45:57 GMT -6
thumper59: Looks as if just a 2 egg clutch this year,,,, good for the e's,, last year 3 was a real challenge Feb 17, 2013 7:46:47 GMT -6
mimiw2: Baja Your pictures are amazing! How wonderful that you can see these eagles daily. I've only seen eagles in person once in my life and I'm in my 60s. What a thrill it must be to live near them! You should publish a book about these eagles. :) Jun 22, 2013 9:16:50 GMT -6
mizrob: your pics are amazing, am so glad you're able to get out, take 'em, and share them with us. THANK YOU!!!! believe me they are appreciated on many levels... :) Jul 12, 2013 4:29:27 GMT -6
iawatcher: I'm so glad someone like you lives right by E&E and like to follow them. Wonderful to see them and also the area around there. First I'd seen the dam. It's really something when turkey vultures roost together, I'd seen that one time, amazing. Oct 12, 2013 10:26:52 GMT -6
iawatcher: Oh the bird you were't sure of, looks like a cormorant. :) Oct 12, 2013 10:27:08 GMT -6
meallen013: Wonderful pictures Baja. I hope we meet sometime when I'm at the lake this summer. :) Apr 21, 2014 17:32:11 GMT -6
iawatcher: Thank you again Baja! You got some of the most amazing shots, especially the ones of Stein's feather falling out, wow! The nests were interesting and pelicans were great. Apr 22, 2014 0:45:46 GMT -6
iawatcher: Pure speculation, but if their eggs aren't going to hatch I wonder if that would make Elsie more tolerant of the other eagles. Just a wild guess and not asking. :) Apr 22, 2014 0:46:20 GMT -6
rebrosa: Super pictures Baja May 23, 2014 10:49:42 GMT -6